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Backflow Prevention Devices legally require annual testing by a licensed plumber to ensure they’re functioning correctly and adequately. In certain conditions, water can travel from a premises back into a water main when there is a pressure indifference in a water supply. This can result in contaminated, or unclean water being drawn back into the domestic water supply causing people to become ill from drinking the contaminated water and historically, many cases of water contamination have been traced to defective valves in business and industrial environments.

Evermore Plumbing and Gas are specialist backflow testing and prevention plumbers. With over 10 years experience installing and maintaining backflow valves and providing backflow testing, Brisbane’s large industrial and commercial sites are officially included in our licensed and accredited scope of works.

Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council, Redland City Council and Logan City Council each maintain a register of all backflow devices registered within their local government area and, as approved technicians, we provide comprehensive backflow testing and certification reports in line with the Queensland Government’s maintenance policy. We also provide installation, maintenance and repair for all backflow devices and thermostatic mixing valves.

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If your water supply is lost or at low pressure due to utility company service repairs, give us a call for fast, efficient backflow testing and installation – Call 0450 355 331