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Managing a housing complex is time-consuming. It involves many tasks including actively solving disputes, arranging for repairs and maintenance, collecting debts and managing finances. It is imperative that these tasks are undertaken according to relevant regulations or additional problems will arise. This is why many properties are required by law to have a body corporate. A critical part of the body corporate’s job is to select the best subcontractors when arranging for repairs or maintenance.

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Body Corporate Plumbing  

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benefits of signing with a body corporate plumber:

Plumbing is an essential service that body corporates will always require. Buildings often need plumbing installation, repair or maintenance. Think of leaking taps, blocked drains or water ingress. It is, therefore, important to have a good plumber who can respond quickly to any calls from the body corporate. Without reliable body corporate plumbing, residents can quickly become upset and frustrated when facing service interruptions or slow response time. Here are some of the reasons body corporates needs to sign a contract with a plumbing company:

Quick response time

It is important to have reliable body corporate plumbing services that respond quickly to call-outs. As a body corporate manages multiple buildings, many people can be affected by service issues. By signing a contract with a plumber and establishing a service-level-agreement (SLA), they will be committed to prioritising the body corporate requirements.

Fixed rates

Plumbing services can fluctuate depending on the plumbing company. This makes it difficult for the body corporate to budget for plumbing services. By signing a contract and having a dedicated body corporate plumber, they will be provided with a quote for all scheduled body corporate plumbing maintenance and inspections. They will also receive an accurate estimation of repairs for a certain time period. This makes planning and budgeting much more effective.

Direct phone number

Facing emergency plumbing issues after office hours? No problem, you can call your body corporate plumbing service through a direct line in case of an emergency. Once you sign a contract with a plumbing company, they will make it their priority job to ensure your premises are always attended to.

Regular inspection, maintenance and repairs

Signing a contract is important for regular inspection, maintenance and repairs. The body corporate plumbing company will work together with the body corporate to ensure minimal downtime for the premises. Plumbers will provide regular inspections to ensure that your systems are running effectively and efficiently. Any signs of wear, leaks, breakages or blockage are identified and attended to as soon as possible.

Roles of a body corporate

  • Manage and control the body corporate assets
  • Control and manage the property on behalf of owners
  • Make and enforce by-laws, which advice tenants on what they are allowed or not allowed to do to their properties
  • Keep records of common property, minutes of meetings, registers of assets, engagements, authorisations, financial accounts, and a register of owner details
  • Handle insurance on behalf of owners
  • Determine the body corporate fees required for the premises
  • Consult with specialists such as engineers, lawyers, compliance auditors, and builders
  • Organise and scheduling meetings
  • Inspect common property
  • Account keeping and preparation of financial statements
  • Monthly status reports, debt collection management, and issuing of levy contribution notices

Why do you need a body corporate manager?


Make work easier

Managing a building can be complex. A body corporate manager will keep on top of repairs and maintenance. They will be responsible for looking after all the communication, financial and legal requirements.

A body corporate manager will help the committee in maintenance and common property management, including appointing subcontractors like a body corporate plumber. Everyone living in the building will have less stress knowing property and services are well managed.

Mitigate legal and financial risks

There are many legal and financial obligations that body corporate committee’s must adhere to. These obligations are often complex. Not meeting regulations and legislation can expose your property to legal and financial risks. If you are not updated or unsure of the current legislation, you need to hire a good body corporate manager. Any good manager will employ the right subcontractors, like a body corporate plumber, who is knowledgeable of legislation and will ensure that the buildings are compliant with current regulations

Expert relationship management

Managing a diverse group of people living in a building can be challenging. There is a need for constant communication and response to feedback. Disputes can, and will, arise among residents and owners. People may have different agendas, which can be problematic when running a property. A professional manager will ensure that any issues will be dealt with as smoothly as possible to avoid conflict and frustration. They will mitigate potential issues by implementing best practices including the employment of a body corporate plumber for essential services.

Keep projects on track

A body corporate manager helps to keep projects on track. They ensure that a project is completed as scheduled and in the right budget. If you find your projects are dragging or end up costing more than expected, then it’s high time to sign a contract with essential service providers.

Body Corporate Plumbing

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If you are looking for an experienced and highly reliable body corporate plumbing company, Evermore Plumbing and Gas is the choice for you. We offer contracts as a body corporate plumbing service with affordable rates. You can always count on us to ensure your plumbing needs are attended to in a timely and efficient manner. Evermore is proud to represent highly satisfied body corporate customers throughout Brisbane and its surroundings.


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