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Gas cooking is essential in every household, making cooking quick, easy and more enjoyable. There are many benefits of gas cooking for your family; however, you cannot assume installing a gas stove is easy. There are many requirements that need to be met when it comes to working with gas. Problems can arise whether you use a built-in or range cooktop. Evermore Plumbing provides experience and expertise in solving all your gas cooking needs, including installation and repair of gas pipes. For peace of mind and to ensure you and your family enjoy safe and efficient gas cooking, it is important to have our professional team attend to all your gas cooking needs.

Common issues with gas cooktops

  • Gas Odors

Gas leaks should be addressed by experts immediately to avoid more serious consequences. If you smell gas and your stove burners are off, vacate the room, disconnect the gas supply and contact a licensed gasfitter. Gas odours may indicate the presence of poisonous gases, including carbon monoxide, which are not safe to breathe. A licensed gasfitter should check and repair any leaks before you turn on the gas and use your cooktop again.

  • Clicking Sound

It is common to notice a clicking sound when you turn the knob to light the burner; however, if this sound persists during use there may be a problem. Before you call a professional, you should remove any food debris and realign and dry the burner. If the problem persists, our experienced team can help resolve the issue.

  • Noisy Burner Flame

A noisy burner flame means that excess air or gas is flowing into the burner. Your air shutter may need replacing or adjustment. Contact an experienced gas technician immediately if you notice a noisy burner flame.

Benefits of professional installation and maintenance of the gas stove

Hiring a professional has several advantages, whether you need a new appliance repaired or installed. Some of the advantages of hiring our experienced team include: 

Ensures Safety

There is more involved in gas plumbing than simply moving an appliance into place and plugging it in. Installing your gas cooktop will need special plumbing connections that may or may not already be available in your kitchen. Cooktops also need proper mounting. Installations can cause significant safety hazards if not properly done by an experienced technician. 

Natural gas is highly flammable and can cause severe injuries or death. Avoid gas leaks, explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning by hiring a professional. At Evermore, our team will ensure the appliance is installed to conform to various different statutory requirements and that the installation honours the manufacturer’s instructions. Safety is our top concern.

Saves Time

Installing a gas stove may seem simple; however, the ease of the process will depend on the existing connections in your kitchen and any adjustments that might need to be made to your benchtop. Without proper knowledge and expertise, you can make installation issues worse by attempting to do them yourself. Our expert technicians will undertake installation and repairs efficiently, saving you time and frustration.

Protect Your Property

These appliances tend to be cumbersome, and you may get hurt trying to move them around. When you don’t know the safest way to deal with them, you may hurt your back or foot. In addition to that, they may damage or scratch your floors, walls, or countertops. When you have a reliable plumber, you will not worry about damaging your property. They are experienced in doing the job safely. 

Professional Services

Our technicians have vast knowledge and experience regarding all types of installation and repair techniques. At Evermore, we have the appropriate knowledge and tools to get the job done quickly and will provide professional long-term solutions to all your gas cooking needs. 

Save Money

In most cases, an old or faulty appliance may be the reason why you are spending extra money on bills. Our team can identify the cause of the problem and offer advice on the best and most cost-effective solutions, whether it be a repair or replacement. Your energy use and costs can be reduced in the long-term with our expert advice.

Do you need gas cooking?

Gas cooking has become increasingly popular, with many people choosing it over electric cooking. Here are the reasons why you need gas cooking in your kitchen:

  • Reduces Waste: Gas cooking is highly responsive, meaning you can control and regulate temperature quickly. This results in an enjoyable cooking experience and fewer burnt meals!
  • High Heat: You can get a high amount of heat for cooking in large quanities when using a gas stove.
  • Cost-Effective: Gas is economical to run compared to electricity.
  • Even Heat: Gas distributes heat evenly across the pan, making your food preparation quick and easy.

Cooktops are important appliances in our homes and kitchens are often central to family time. Like any other appliance, you may encounter faults with your gas cooking. While many home tasks are great DIY options, it’s best to leave gas installation and maintenance to a professional. When installed or repaired incorrectly, gas can be dangerous and lead to serious consequences. A licenced professional is your best option for gas installation and repairs, leaving you with peace of mind in the kitchen. 

If you are looking for plumbing installation and gas cooking maintenance in Brisbane, Evermore Plumbing and Gas is here to help you! We have over ten years of experience in providing plumbing services. For more information about our services, please contact us today on 0450 355 331 or email us at admin@evermoreplumbing.com.au


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