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There is no doubt that heating water is one of the largest expenses in our homes. According to the energy department, it accounts for 14%-18%. For this reason, it’s important to choose the right water heater to enjoy your comfort and lower energy costs.  Gas hot water is more efficient and can lower energy bills. This is because gas is cheaper than electricity in some areas. Therefore, it saves high costs in the long run.

How gas hot water system works

These systems use natural gas to heat water. You can either put a burner under a tank to heat water or heat water when it’s needed only without a storage tank. When cold water is pumped in sinks and tanks to the bottom, it is heated. It then rises to the top and is directed to hot water piping when you open the hot water pipe. Additionally, an adjustable thermostat is used to maintain and control the heated water.

Types of gas hot water systems

  • Gas storage tank hot water systems

These hot water systems feature storage tanks. A gas burner is put under the tank to heat water. They have a pilot flame that burns continuously, turning on the main burner when you need hot water. Also, when hot water flows from the top of the tank, cold water goes to the bottom. Some storage tanks have a special flue system that recirculates hot gases outside the tank. These tanks range from 90 liters to 300 liters. 

  • Gas instantaneous hot water systems

Instantaneous or continuous gas hot water systems don’t feature storage tanks. They heat water when it’s needed. When the gas burner heats the water, it flows in a spiral pipe known as a heat exchanger. This water moves slowly in the heat exchanger to allow more time for heating. Additionally, when you turn on the hot water tap, the gas burner ignites. As a result, it only heats water when required rather than heating the full tank continuously. This means that they give hot water at low pressure compared to gas storage tanks. 

Benefits of gas hot water systems

Gas hot water systems have several advantages regardless of the one you choose. This include: 

Saves energy costs

Investing in gas water heaters means lower utility bills. Natural gas is less expensive and runs smoothly hence saving costs. 

Fast heating

Gas heaters heat faster compared to counterparts. This makes them a better option for large households. 

Easy to install

The installation procedure of the gas hot water system is straightforward. They are simple to install, especially if you already use gas at home. You can choose a storage tank model or a tankless one to have enough space. This gives you flexible installation options. 

Clean water

Tankless gas hot water system offers clean hot water since it heats freshly piped water.


Gas heaters are most convenient for your home. They don’t take up space in your home. When the power supply is off, gas is not affected. Furthermore, the tankless model is a good alternative for a small household. Lastly, gas heaters offer hot water on demand because you can get more gallons per minute.

Common problems of gas hot water systems

Lukewarm water

You may find lukewarm water coming through the pipes instead of hot water. This indicates that the thermostat or diaphragm needs to be replaced or repaired. 

Low pressure

You may notice your hot water system producing less water at low pressure than normal.  When this happens, the thermostat may be faulty or broken, the strainer valve may be blocked, or faulty pilot light. 

No hot water

It’s possible to experience no hot water at all. Before you reach out to a plumber, you can double-check to see a gas supply. You can also check if the system has a proper temperature.

Can you save gas hot water bills?

There are many ways you can save monthly utility bills. For example, you can use cold water for laundry, reduce taking baths, buy low-flow water fixtures or turn off the water when not in use. Lastly, you can control the thermostat water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Should I install a gas hot water system?

Gas hot water systems are ideal for large households that have high hot water demand. They are more cost-effective and energy-efficient compared to electricity.

Final thoughts

If you are worried about heating water and bills rising, you need to consider maintenance, costs, and ease of use. Gas water heaters are effective, seeing that they use natural gas. Just like any other water heater, you may encounter some issues. This is when you need to call a professional. 

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