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Hot water system repair

Are you looking for hot water system repair services in Brisbane? Evermore Plumbing and Gas is here to help. We troubleshoot and repair hot water systems, helping our clients to avoid costly repairs or replacements. Hot water systems need constant maintenance and repairs to operate efficiently. In this article, we will look at signs that your hot water system is in need of repairs. If you find that you are experiencing these issues, call Evermore today on 0450 355 331 or email us at admin@evermoreplumbing.com.au.

Signs that you need to seek professional assistance

No Hot Water

One of the most common signs that your hot water system needs repair is when water turns cold in the middle of use, or simply does not heat up at all. This issue could be caused by a tripped switch or heating element malfunction, or a flame sensor problem if you are using a gas-powered hot water system.

You can check a few things before calling for professional help. First, check whether the hot water fuse box is functioning correctly. Next, check whether the power is turned on and the power cord is connected properly. If you are using a gas system, check if you have any gas left. If your taps are still running cold, call Evermore and one of our experienced plumbers will identify and resolve the issue for you as soon as possible.

Unusual Loud Noises

If you hear unusual loud noises in your hot water system, especially the hot water tank, this could indicate sediment build-up. Your power vent mentor may not be spinning or has started to deteriorate. Our technicians are experienced in resolving this issue, and will ensure your hot water system is functioning correctly.

Too Hot or Too Cold

If your water is running hotter or colder than expected, check the temperature settings for any changes and contact a plumber if you notice your thermostat has been adjusted unintentionally. Damaged gas valves or thermostats can also cause this issue.

Hot Water Discoloration

Your hot water system should always produce clean and clear water. If you notice a change in colour, this could indicate rust in your hot water system. A plumber will inspect the system and replace the tank or piping if necessary, ensuring your water runs clear.

Leaking Hot Water

If you find water puddles on the tank or water heater, that’s a strong indication of a leak. A damaged pressure valve can cause this. The whole tank should be replaced if the leak is associated with the inner tank. Sometimes is normal to have some amount of water during the heating cycle from the temperature relief valve. But if you notice a lot of water coming out through this point, you will need to seek professional help.

No Water

Your system needs urgent repair if no water, whether hot or cold, is coming from the tap. Before you contact a plumber, check to see whether the valve is turned on at the main meter. If there are no noticeable issues, call Evermore on 0450 355 331 and one of our experienced plumbers will be on their way at their earliest convenience.

Maintenance tips to avoid costly repairs

Drain Sediments from the Heater Tank

Sediments collected overtime at the bottom of your water heater tank affect its efficiency, shortening the life of your hot water system and leading to a surge in electrical bills. To avoid this, release the drain valve and let the water flow out until it becomes clear, then reseal the valve and continue using your hot water as normal.

Lower the Temperature

Another easy maintenance tip to extend the life of your hot water system is using warm water instead of hot whenever possible. Your hot water system will produce warm water quicker than hot water, preventing it from overworking. This leads to an extended lifespan and saves you electricity and gas.

Check the Anode Rod

Large hot water systems usually feature an anti-corrosion anode which attracts impurities and rust in the water, helping to prevent the tank from rusting. However, due to high corrosion activity, the anode rod itself corrodes after a few years.  

Check your anode rod every 2-3 years to determine whether the magnesium layer has rusted away by checking if there is a visible inner steel core part or there are visible whitish calcium sediments. You’ll need to replace the rod if it has degraded, which can either be done yourself or by our experienced team.

Check the Pressure Release Valve

You should check your hot water system’s pressure release valve at least once a year to ensure it is functioning properly. It’s easy to do– just release the pressure a few times. If you notice the valve is leaking, then it needs to be replaced. Contact our team today to get this repaired in no time.

Monitor the Plug

Electrical shorts can damage your hot water system and are a significant safety issue. Low capacity wiring and power fluctuations might cause the socket to spark. You can easily identify this by checking for burn marks on the plug. Contact a plumber urgently if you notice burn marks or suspect an electrical short.


Evermore Plumbing and Gas is your number one stop for all your plumbing needs. We have ten years’ experience in Brisbane and its surroundings, working to make your hot water system as efficient as possible and extend its lifespan. Call us today on 0450 355 331 for same- or next-day solutions.

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